Getting ready for life after work

After decades of forging a career in the workforce, the thought of life after work might be exciting and unsettling at the same time.

Retirement in the 21st century is so different to that of years past. For starters we’re living longer because of a healthier, more active lifestyle. Some of us are easing into retirement and others are jumping straight in. And we’re choosing to set goals because there is so much more that we want to achieve in our latter years.

Whatever you choose to do, you need to make sure you have enough money to be able to afford the life you want in retirement. Planning early is the best way to ensure you get the retirement you want.

GuildPension can help you achieve your retirement goals regardless of whether retired life is a few years away or just around the corner. And you only need $10,000 to open either a Transition to Retirement (TTR), or an Account-Based Pension account.

Start a TTR and access your super before you stop working

A TTR allows you to reduce your work hours and supplement your income, or work the same hours and increase your super.

If you have reached preservation age however and plan to keep working for a while, then a TTR account can help you:

  • dial-down your working hours (for example, working part time), or
  • increase your super before you retire by making additional contributions into super.

Best of all, you can possibly do either of the above without reducing your take-home pay. To find out more, download and read the GuildPension PDS. To apply, complete the Application found at the back.

How a TTR works


Open an Account-Based Pension and manage your savings once you stop working

If you’ve retired, then with an Account-Based Pension you can manage your savings by turning it into regular tax-effective income.

To open an Account-Based Pension account, you need to either:

  • have reached your preservation age and not be working more than 10 hours per week, or
  • have turned 60 and stopped a paid working arrangement, or
  • reach age 65 regardless of whether you’re still working.

To find out more, download and read the GuildPension PDS. To apply, complete the Application found at the back.

Also once you’ve reached your pension age, then you may be able to access the Centrelink Age Pension and the Pensioner Concession Card.

How an Account-Based Pension works


GuildPension benefits

  • A range of investment strategies and options that suit the level of investment risk you’re prepared to take.
  • Easy online access to your account.
  • A choice of flexible payment options (subject to any Government restrictions).
  • You can withdraw lump sums if you need to pay for that holiday or an emergency.
  • The opportunity for the income stream to continue to be paid to your spouse (or other eligible dependant) in the event of your death.

Investment Performance

Find out more about the performance of the investment options.

GuildPension PDS


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