Calculators and tools

Calculators and tools

Here’s the big question... What's your retirement gonna look like?

These calculators will work their magic, showing you just how much cash you could be swimming in, and how those extra savings can turn your retirement into a dreamy paradise.

Small changes, big savings

Ready to discover how those teeny-tiny things can totally shake up your retirement savings game? Saving just a small bit of money now can work magic on your retirement savings, turning them from small fries into a whopping feast!

Retirement income calculator

Get ready to witness the future of your retirement savings in real-time! This awesome calculator is here to spill the beans on how your savings dance hand-in-hand with your future retirement income.

Hitting the target

Ready to take a ride into the future of your retirement dreams? This tool helps you paint a picture of your ideal retirement lifestyle, so you can figure out exactly how much money you'll need to make it a reality.

Insurance premium calculator

It’s time to crack the code on finding the perfect insurance cover that suits your needs, all while keeping those dollars in check. This handy calculator is here to do the maths and uncover the ideal insurance options tailored just for you.

Insurance needs calculator

Want to make sure you've got the right insurance coverage for your needs? This calculator uses your personal info, job, and finances to figure out how much death, TPD, and income protection insurance you might need – making insurance planning a breeze.

Page last updated 15 December 2023