The Coach team is here to help our members understand their super in simple, no-jargon terms, and to provide them with relevant information and advice on topics like investment choice, insurance, contributions, retirement adequacy, and pensions.

The Coach team is available for our members at no additional cost (as this is included in your fund membership fees), ensuring that all of our members can access friendly support and expertise.
The Coach team also provides advice to members regarding pensions and pension benefits, for a small additional fee.

Meet your Coaches

Think of our Coaches as your own superannuation personal trainer, but unlike annoying PTs our Coaches won’t make you wake up early or force you to train in the rain.

When you train your super with your Coach, you can expect to intensify your investment knowledge, crunch your contributions, strengthen your insurances and make sure you have the right strategy in place to win your big game. And because your Coach comes at no extra cost, you can call on them whenever you need to get in better shape.

Patrick Howard

As a father of three Pat understands the importance of time, planning and good health. Leveraging 10 years of experience in insurance, Pat's clear communication and timely actions help members maximise their own time to focus on what's important to them.

Johnny Ng

Johnny enjoys seeing things from a member’s perspective, empower them to make positive and rational changes to raise their financial literacy, resilience and wellbeing. When Johnny isn't helping others, he's working to lower his golf handicap.

Ana Soundara

If you think customer service and administration aren't complementary - then you haven't met Ana. Ana thrives working behind the scenes, keeping morale high with sweets and snacks, organising team events and bringing positive vibes to everything she does.

Jignesh Kapadia

Jig has invested the last 15 years following his true passion - great customer experiences! Jig also likes to invest in good health, good books and good times with his young family. And yes, Jig would love to talk to you about your investments too.

Christopher Haddad

Christopher believes that in order to build a great relationship with members, he must take them on a journey by providing an exceptional and memorable experience. This allows members to feel more informed and comfortable with their financial situation.

So how does GuildSuper compare?

That is a great question and it’s one we are asked regularly by members and prospective members. While we can’t tell you which is the best fund for you, if you are a GuildSuper member we can help you to understand superannuation so that you can make more informed decisions.
Contact your Coach team to learn more about your GuildSuper account, in personalised and easy to understand terms.
Super is not necessarily simple or straightforward so here is a framework to help you compare super funds. Before you decide on what super fund might be best for you, you should consider:

  1. How hands on do you want to be?

    Some people get a kick out of making their own investment choices – constructing their own strategy, keeping an eye on investment markets and fine-tuning their portfolio themselves. Others…not so much. So be sure your selected super fund offers a ‘hands-on’ level that suits you best.

  2. It’s not just about fees

    Your super balance grows best when the net benefit [(investment returns x current balance) minus fees] is greatest. So, make sure you check out the fees the super fund charges for your preferred investment options as well as the performance of those options.

  3. Did you know your super comes with insurance cover?

    Some funds offer default insurance cover provided with no medical check necessary (that’s called ‘automatic acceptance’). However, insurance isn't just insurance - see what type of cover you get and how much it costs.

  4. Extra employer benefits

    For their preferred super fund, your employer may pay more than 11%, may have negotiated lower fees, or make extra contributions to cover some of the fees and insurance costs. Don’t forget to ask them.

  5. Above all, choosing a super fund is like picking a well-balanced diet that you are comfortable with and can stick to over the long haul. Chat to a Coach to find out more about the ongoing support members can receive from GuildSuper.

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