Why choose GuildSuper?

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Why choose us?

Find out what you can look forward to when you join our community of over 75,000 SUPER humans.

We work for women

85% of our community are women. Many of these SUPER humans are casual workers, work part time or take time away from the workforce at some stage and therefore struggle to save enough money for a comfortable retirement. That’s why we make decisions that focus on giving you the highest possible super balance when you leave the work force. There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to super. Every woman is different. We’re constantly striving to be the best super fund for your unique needs.

Virtual Care

We’re all about supporting your employees, our members, towards the bright, financial futures they deserve.


At GuildSuper, we want your employees to have a fab retirement. That’s why we created SUPERSUPER, a shop-and-save program that gives people a new way to save more super, every day.

We’re award winning

We’re one of Canstar’s Best Performing Super Funds and have a Rainmaker AAA quality rating. Plus, in 2022, GuildSuper won the Money Magazine award for Best of the Best MySuper Lifestyle Product .

Page last updated 7 December 2023