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Why employers choose GuildSuper?

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Making payments

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Employer support


We want to make superannuation SUPER easy for you and your employees

If you’re interested in partnering with us, contact our Employer Partnerships team:

Rosemaree Wardle: rwardle@guildsuper.com.au
Ben Fagan: bfagan@guildsuper.com.au 

Why employers choose GuildSuper?

We’re the super fund with the highest proportion of female members in Australia and we think everyone deserves a healthy financial future. We’re here to support your employees (our superhuman members) in their fight for that.

Employer responsibilities

With great power comes great (super contribution) responsibility!

Making payments

It’s SUPER easy to pay contributions to your employees.

Claiming tax?

Did you know that you can claim a tax deduction for any super contributions you make on behalf of your employees? Yep, it's true! As long as it's going into a complying super fund, you're good to go. Want to know more? Check out the ATO website for all the details.

After-tax contributions

Did you know you can top up your super at any time? We call this ‘after-tax contributions’. They’re also sometimes known as non-concessional contributions, voluntary contributions or personal super contributions.

Page last updated 13 December 2023