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All about Super

  • Michelle

    Age: 27
    My Investment Story:
    Since finishing uni I've had a few jobs. I've started a new job now and I hope to be here a while. I recently combined all my super funds together and have just started to make my own small payments into my account.

  • Angela

    Age: 37
    My Investment Story:
    I’ve spent the last couple of years raising two children. I’m back at work now on a part time basis. Because of the time I’ve spent out of the workforce my super’s not as high as it should be. To help build it up I’m putting in a little extra and so is my husband.

  • Mark

    Age: 46
    My Investment Story:
    I started to take an interest in my super in my early 40s. Retirement didn’t seem so far away anymore. Since then I’ve been salary sacrificing my annual pay increase into my super account - it’s an easy way to boost my super, plus I get a tax break.

  • Patricia

    Age: 57
    My Investment Story:
    I wanted to work a little less, but not reduce my income. The Fund's financial advisor told me about Transition to Retirement. It lets me top up my salary with my super, so I can cut back my hours - but not my income.