PDS & Guides

FileTypeSizeUploaded onDownload
GuildSuper Member PDSPDF661.20 KB30 Jun, 2019 Download
How GuildSuper Works GuidePDF1.05 MB30 Jun, 2019 Download
GuildSuper Investment GuidePDF1.34 MB30 Jun, 2019 Download
GuildSuper Insurance GuidePDF1.12 MB30 Jun, 2019 Download
Financial Services GuidePDF178.43 KB18 Jan, 2019 Download

Significant Event Notices

FileTypeSizeUploaded onDownload
SEN 21 May 19: Introduction of PYS and changes to investment fees and costs and insurance premiumsPDF276.19 KB21 May, 2019 Download
GuildPension SEN 21 May 2019: Changes to feesPDF84.11 KB24 May, 2019 Download
SEN Sept 18: Changes to the Standard Risk Measures and Strategic Asset Allocation for some Investment OptionsPDF103.75 KB27 Sep, 2018 Download
SEN Mar 17: Changes to TTR from 1 July 2017PDF506.44 KB15 Mar, 2017 Download
SEN Oct 16: Investment changes from 15 November 2016PDF122.24 KB18 Oct, 2016 Download
SEN July 16 GuildSuper insurance changes from 1 July 2016PDF578.36 KB23 May, 2016 Download
SEN Sep 17: Changes GuildSuper from 1 July 2017PDF237.33 KB27 Sep, 2018 Download
SEN Aug 18: Default DOB with insurancePDF159.93 KB02 Aug, 2018 Download
SEN Aug 18: Default DOB No insurancePDF154.59 KB02 Aug, 2018 Download
SEN Sep 18: Change to insurance commencement rulePDF148.13 KB14 Sep, 2018 Download

Member Forms & Online Services

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GuildSuper rollover formPDF580.91 KB07 Dec, 2018 Download
Choice of Superannuation Fund formPDF635.43 KB07 Dec, 2018 Download
GuildSuper payroll deduction formPDF629.27 KB07 Dec, 2018 Download
Completing proof of identityPDF1.03 MB07 Dec, 2018 Download
Member Spouse contribution formPDF716.45 KB07 Dec, 2018 Download
Personal contribution formPDF718.86 KB07 Dec, 2018 Download
Super contribution splitting formPDF650.58 KB07 Dec, 2018 Download
KiwiSaver formPDF629.86 KB07 Dec, 2018 Download
Binding Death Benefit NominationPDF624.25 KB07 Dec, 2018 Download
Change of Name / Date of BirthPDF614.20 KB07 Dec, 2018 Download
Downsizer contribution into super form (ATO)PDF209.42 KB01 Jul, 2018 Download

Insurance forms

  • Apply for insurance cover online
FileTypeSizeUploaded onDownload
Application for InsurancePDF322.15 KB24 Jul, 2018 Download
Insurance Transfer formPDF160.67 KB24 Jul, 2018 Download
Occupational Classification formPDF102.71 KB24 Jul, 2018 Download
Insurance Boost formPDF104.53 KB24 Jul, 2018 Download
Life Events Top-Up formPDF103.13 KB24 Jul, 2018 Download
Reduce or Cancel Your Cover formPDF116.30 KB24 Jul, 2018 Download

Newsletters and Factsheets

FileTypeSizeUploaded onDownload
SuperMatch Rollover InformationPDF125.21 KB21 Apr, 2015 Download
Beneficiary Fact SheetPDF243.78 KB11 Dec, 2018 Download
Single Touch Payroll Fact Sheet for employeesPDF75.67 KB11 Dec, 2018 Download
SUPERSUPER Case StudyPDF1021.91 KB06 Dec, 2018 Download
Transition Plan for Insurance in Superannuation Voluntary Code of PracticePDF184.11 KB10 Dec, 2018 Download
First Home Super Saver SchemePDF227.27 KB12 Feb, 2019 Download
Government Super Co-ContributionPDF142.82 KB14 Feb, 2019 Download

Employer Forms and Brochures

FileTypeSizeUploaded onDownload
Maternity/Paternity Leave FormPDF595.49 KB07 Dec, 2018 Download
Payroll deduction formPDF474.53 KB01 Dec, 2015 Download
MercerSpectrumPDSPDF434.98 KB22 Jan, 2017 Download
Single Touch Payroll Fact Sheet for employersPDF97.40 KB11 Dec, 2018 Download
Employer Application FormPDF568.12 KB07 Dec, 2018 Download
Standard Choice FormPDF924.43 KB14 Feb, 2019 Download

Fund Policies

FileTypeSizeUploaded onDownload
Child Care Super Privacy PolicyPDF178.72 KB30 Jun, 2016 Download
GuildSuper Privacy PolicyPDF102.47 KB30 Jun, 2016 Download

GuildPension PDS

FileTypeSizeUploaded onDownload
GuildPension PDSPDF1.16 MB30 Jun, 2019 Download

GuildPension Forms and Brochures

FileTypeSizeUploaded onDownload
Change of investment details formPDF84.09 KB25 Jan, 2019 Download
GuildPension Rollover FormPDF151.99 KB25 Jan, 2019 Download
Request a benefit payment formPDF158.43 KB25 Jan, 2019 Download
Change of details formPDF107.54 KB25 Jan, 2019 Download
GuildPension Completing Proof of IDPDF90.12 KB25 Jan, 2019 Download
GuildPension Notice of meeting a Condition of ReleasePDF106.08 KB30 Jun, 2019 Download

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