GuildSuper Strategic Partnership with Future Group

1 November 2023


1 November 2023

Guild Group is currently in discussion with Future Group to enter into a strategic partnership to improve the superannuation services and outcomes for GuildSuper members. 

The changes will see:

- GuildSuper joining the Future Group stable of funds which will grow to over $13.4 billion in funds under management and advice, supporting over 383,000 members.

- Child Care Super which is a separate brand to Guild Super that operates within the same fund will also join the other Future Group funds.

The partnership is great news for GuildSuper members

The partnership will result in reduced GuildSuper member administration fees upon settlement in December, and continued reductions to fees post December. In time, GuildSuper members will also see the additional benefits of expanded investment capability and increased services such as access to financial advice in relation to the funds’ offerings.

Service to employers will also be improved under the partnership.

Importantly there will be no change to the way GuildSuper members or employers engage with the fund. Member numbers and online access for members will remain the same and there will be no change to the way employers process contributions.

The changes are expected to be finalised in December 2023 and we will provide you with more details once this occurs.

About Future Group

Future Group is a collective of super funds and financial services dedicated to a single cause: to lead the movement to use the power of money to invest, advocate and campaign for a future worth retiring into. People use Future Group’s products and services to use the power of capital to build the future they want to see. Following the transaction the group will have four superannuation brands: GuildSuper, Child Care Super, Future Super and smartMonday.


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Media Contact

Alana Theodor
Future Group, Head of Communications
M: 0420 525 556