Coronavirus and Your Super

28 August 2023


There’s a lot going on: concerns about coronavirus, market volatility, "panic buying" and US politics. What kind of impact could this have on your super ?

Market volatility

It’s normal for financial markets to move in cycles and negative returns happen from time to time. Superannuation is a long-term investment and generally speaking, what occurs in today’s market is not likely to have a significant impact on your super investments over the longer term (i.e. more than six years).

Keep in mind that financial markets have performed very well in recent years. Pull backs are inevitable and that is what we are seeing now.

The amount you have in ‘growth’ assets (shares and property) and ‘income’ assets (fixed interest and cash) will determine how much volatility you experience.

The purpose of superannuation is to accumulate enough wealth for a comfortable retirement. A long-term focus is essential to staying on track to achieving your retirement goals.

How does volatility affect different asset classes?

Generally, cash and fixed interest are less volatile assets, and so are more stable in the short-term but you may not receive higher returns in the long-term.

Property and shares are more volatile so may experience greater volatility in the short-term but generally provide higher returns in the long-term

Who can I talk to ?

We understand that making a decision about super can be complex – particularly during complex times like these. For general information, we encourage you to call the GuildSuper helpline on 1300 361 477. Please note though that our Member Services team are not authorised to provide you with personal financial advice and cannot consider your individual circumstances.

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