Change your insurance

Change your insurance cover

So, you’ve reviewed the default insurance we’ve included in your super and you don’t think it’s for you. Maybe it’s too much cover... or too little... but ideally you want it to be just right (this is starting to sound like a fairy tale!).

There’s no reason to stick with a level of cover you don’t want or need, but there are some important things to take into consideration if you’re thinking about changing your insurance cover. And particularly if you decide to reduce or cancel your cover entirely.

What happens if I cancel or reduce my cover?

One of the unique things about insurance through super is that you get it without having to go through a process called underwriting. What’s underwriting? It’s essentially an assessment of risk, that can be very time consuming and invasive. All you really need to know is that not having to go through the process is a huge win.

With insurance in super, you’re given access to the default insurance for your age without having to provide any additional information. But if you cancel or reduce your cover and then decide you want to reinstate it or increase it again, you may have to go through underwriting. And... it might cost you more too.

Find out how to keep your cover if you accidentally let it lapse.

How to change your cover

Make sure you’re registered for online access, then log in to your account through our website. From here, go to the ‘My Insurance’ tab and then scroll down and click on ‘Change my insurance cover’ and follow the prompts.

Page last updated 24 November 2023