We’re making some important changes!  

To expand and enhance the services we provide to our employers and members, from 3 May 2021 we will be moving our Administration Platform to a new provider, Iress Limited.  

This means the Portal GuildSuper employers use today to make their contributions will not be available to use from 1 May 2021 (previously communicated as not being available to use from 1 April 2021.)  In its place the new Iress Super Connector Employer Portal will be made available.  This is where employer superannuation contribution files can be uploaded and any updates to your employees’ superannuation accounts can be made.    

What does this mean for employer superannuation contributions?  

This means contributions due in April 2021 will still need to be paid using the existing Mercer Spectrum/Employer Portal.  However, effective from 3 May 2021 the new Iress Super Connector Employer Portal will be where employer superannuation contribution files can be uploaded and any updates to employees’ superannuation accounts can be made.    

What else does this means for employers?  

Please refer to previous email communications we have sent you, advising of some important actions you were required to take. Please note, that if those actions haven’t been taken you will be unable to make superannuation contributions for your employees.    

Supporting employers with the new Iress Super Connector Employer Portal 

In the coming weeks we will be inviting employers to attend some valuable and important training that will help support a seamless transition.  

A reminder of some of the benefits of the new system, include: 

  • employer self-service reporting; 
  • the ability to get member numbers returned in near real time; and 
  • the ability to view reporting per employer group or location, making it easier for payroll users to identify employer groups and outlets 

If you have any questions or need help, you can send us an email