As an employer you need to ensure you meet your superannuation obligations.  At GuildSuper we have a dedicated team of Business Development Consultants ready to provide you with helpful personalised assistance when you need it.  

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When Are Super Contributions Due?

  • By 28 October (for the quarter ending 30 September)
  • By 28 January (for the quarter ending 31 December)
  • By 28 April (for the quarter ending 31 March)
  • By 28 July (for the quarter ending 30 June)

How Much Do I Need To Pay?

The super contribution rate is currently 10% of an employee's earnings base, unless an Award or industrial agreement says otherwise.

Who Do I Need To Make Super Payments For?

You are required to make super contributions for all eligible employees. An eligible employee:

  • generally earns more than $450 per calendar month
  • works on a full time, part time or casual basis.

You do not have to make super contributions for employees who:

  • earn less than $450 per calendar month, or
  • are aged under 18 and working 30 hours per week or less


Since 28 October 2016, all employers are required to register members and make super contributions electronically.

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