Does it cost anything to join SUPERSUPER?

SUPERSUPER is available to all GuildSuper members as a part of their membership.

How can my employees save through their shopping?

SUPERSUPER is a rewards program. But unlike other reward programs your employees ‘rewards’ go straight into their GuildSuper account. Instead of getting random points that they’ll probably never use, when they shop with SUPERSUPER they get rewarded with money going straight into their super account.

For example, if they were to pay $100 for a $100 eVoucher to shop at a supermarket that offered a 5% SUPERSUPER reward, in addition to receiving the $100 eVoucher, they would automatically receive $5 into their super account.

Will my employees shopping cost them more?

No, it will cost the same amount.

That’s because with SUPERSUPER you simply shop as you normally would, but instead of paying with cash, credit or a debit card at the checkout, you pay using your pre-purchased SUPERSUPER voucher instead.

Can my employees keep their current fund?

Yes, they can.

Of course, we always tell members that consolidating multiple super accounts into the one fund generally makes sense as it can make it simpler to manage their super, save money in fees and reduce paperwork. But if they don’t want to, that’s fine with us.

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