What is Death cover?

If you die while you’re an insured member, a lump sum Death benefit is paid to your beneficiaries, for example, your dependents or estate.

The Death cover benefit is made up of your super account balance and any insurance benefit you may hold with GuildSuper.

The maximum insurance component of Death cover you can have is $5m.

Please be advised that if there is insufficient money in your account to pay the next insurance fee your cover will be cancelled. And importantly, if no contributions or rollovers are paid into your account for a 16-month period, your account will be deemed inactive and regardless of balance your insurance may be cancelled. Please refer to the Insurance Guide for more information on this. 

Who can receive a superannuation death benefit?
Superannuation law provides that only certain people can receive a superannuation death benefit.

They generally are:

  • the spouse or de-facto spouse of the deceased (including same sex couples)
  • a child of the deceased, regardless of the age of the child
  • a person who was financially dependent on the deceased at the date of death
  • a person who was in an independency relationship with the deceased at the date of death
  • the Legal Personal Representative of the deceased as nominated via the Will of the deceased or by obtaining Letters of Administration.

It’s important to note that parents of the deceased cannot normally receive a superannuation death benefit simply because they’re the parents.


Unless a valid Binding Death Benefit Nomination is present, the Trustee ultimately determines how the Death Benefit is to be distributed.

Please refer to our Insurance Guide for more information.

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