Life Stages

< 30 Years

Starting out


You’ve been working for a while now and are focussed on the immediate future; holidays, a new car and saving for your first home. Either way, retirement’s still a long way off.

Taking a few small steps now can have a big impact on your savings.


30-39 Years

Focused on now


Whether you’re starting a family or buying your first home, this stage in your life is usually busy.

You’re fully financially committed but need to keep an eye on the future. Super can play an important role in securing your wage and protecting what you work hard for.


40-55 Years

Building wealth


Growing your super is usually top of mind at this stage in your life. You’re trying to figure out how much more to put aside and how to set yourself up for the next step.

Whether you’re close to retirement or are still a few years off, now's the time to maximise your super.


55+ Years

Imagining life after work


You're at a stage in your life where finishing work isn't far off the horizon.

Tax saving super strategies can help build your account and reduce your tax.




Super’s an important part of your pay. Your employer generally needs to pay 9.5% of your wage into a super account of your choosing. To make GuildSuper your choice, click here.

Multiple accounts


Combining your accounts into one fund can save you time and money.
To combine your other funds into your GuildSuper account simply complete our online rollover form.

Changing jobs


You can remain a member of GuildSuper when you change jobs. To stay with GuildSuper regardless of who you work for, simply complete this Choice of Superannuation Fund form and give it to your new employer.

Find my lost super


Let us track down any super accounts you might have.