Virtual Care

Health support for you (and your family!)

One of the perks of being one of our super savvy members is the health support you can access through Virtual Care – at no extra cost to you. Virtual Care is an app from our insurer, Metlife, designed to provide you and your immediate family with a range of expert medical and wellness services, all included with your GuildSuper membership. Nice!

What does Virtual Care include?

Medical support

Need a second opinion? You can receive an in-depth, confidential review from a doctor from the comfort of your home. Then they’ll share their clinical opinions and treatment recommendations with you so you can discuss them with your primary doctor. You can also submit online questions to GPs and paediatricians.

Mental health support

Whether you have a quick question or want an in-depth mental health review, you can speak to a mental health clinician at no charge.

Fitness, recovery and nutrition guidance

Discuss your nutrition, fitness or recovery goals with one of Virtual Care’s qualified dieticians or exercise physiologists. They’ll even set you up with a personalised action plan and progress tracking call.

How do I access Virtual Care?

It’s simple. Head over to 360Health Virtual Care and use the code GUIL22 to register. If you have any trouble, give Metlife a call directly on 1800 325 578 and they will be able to guide you through the process.

Page last updated 1 May 2024