What is Total and Permanent Disablement cover?

Total and Permanent Disablement (TPD) cover pays a lump sum to you if, while you are an insured member, you become totally and permanently disabled and are unable to work.

TPD usually means that you have an ongoing and serious injury or illness which is preventing you from working in any occupation that you are qualified for based on your education, training or experience or from performing daily living activities such as showering and dressing.

The maximum TPD cover you can have is $3m.

Once insured, if there is insufficient money in your account to pay the next insurance fee your cover will be cancelled. And importantly, if no contributions or rollovers are paid into your account for a 16-month period, your account will be deemed inactive and regardless of balance your insurance may be cancelled.

Waiting period

For your claim to be considered, you’ll need to have been off work for a minimum time of three consecutive months from the date of disablement. However, you can submit your claim earlier if you believe you’re totally and permanently disabled.

Only one claim can be paid so if a Death, Terminal Illness or TPD claim is paid, then all the lump sum cover ceases and no further claim can be made.

Please refer to our Insurance Guide for more information.

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