What is Terminal Illness cover?

A Terminal Illness benefit is payable if you become terminally ill and have less than twenty four months to live.

This benefit is made up of your super account balance and any insured Death benefit you may hold with GuildSuper.

This is paid to you early rather than upon your death as it will help provide some financial relief in such a difficult time.

To receive the benefit, you’ll need to have two medical practitioners, one being a medical specialist, certify that you have less than 24-months to live. 

GuildSuper is committed to assessing and paying these claims as quickly as possible.

Please note that if there is insufficient money in your account to pay the next insurance fee your Death cover will be cancelled. And importantly, if no contributions or rollovers are paid into your account for a 16-month period, your account will be deemed inactive and regardless of balance your insurance may be cancelled.

Please refer to our Insurance Guide for more information.

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