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You work hard to maintain a lifestyle, so it is important you protect it with the right insurance cover. GuildSuper provides you with access to competitive insurance that is relevant to your lifestages.

When you join GuildSuper, provided you meet the eligibility criteria, you will receive units of Default Death, Total and Permanent Disablement (TPD) and Income Protection (IP) insurance cover.

Death cover

If you die while an insured member, Death cover pays a lump sum to your beneficiaries, for example, your dependants or estate, who can use it to pay out debts and for everyday expenses. The maximum Death cover you can have is $5m.

TPD cover

TPD cover pays a lump sum to you if, while you are an insured member, you become totally and permanently disabled and are unable to work. It can be used for medical expenses, home modifications or for everyday expenses. The maximum TPD cover you can have is $3m.

IP cover

IP cover protects you if, while you are an insured member, you have a loss of income and super contributions because you become ill or injured and are temporarily unable to work. You get regular monthly payments for a period of up to the maximum Benefit Period applicable to your IP cover. The maximum IP cover you can have is $30,000 per month or 85% of your monthly income (whichever is lower).

Default cover

The table below summarises the Default cover type and number of units you receive (if eligible) depending on your age:

Age next birthday (at last 1 July) Death cover TPD cover IP cover
 16-24 3 units 2 units 2 units
 25-30 4 units 2 units 3 units
 31-35 5 units 2 units 4 units
 36-60 6 units 2 units 4 units
 61-65 5 units 0 units 4 units
 66-70 4 units 0 units 0 units

* No insurance cover is provided to members over the age of 70.

Refer to the GuildSuper Insurance Guide for the amount of cover provided by each unit, including the eligibility criteria.

Make sure we have your correct occupation

Your occupation determines your Occupational Classification, which makes a difference to how much you pay for insurance cover. There are three Occupational Classifications that apply:

  • Standard
  • White Collar, and
  • Professional.

If you or your employer do not provide us with your occupation, then your Occupational Classification will be Standard and you may pay more for your insurance cover.

Cost of Default cover

The cost per week of one unit of Default Death and TPD cover based on each Occupational Classification.

Occupational Classification Standard White Collar Professional
 Death cover* $0.46 $0.33 $0.28
 TPD cover $0.31 $0.22 $0.19

* includes Terminal Illness cover.

Refer to the GuildSuper Insurance Guide for the cost of Default IP cover.

Do you have enough cover?

The amount of insurance cover you'll need, will depend on your situation including your monthly spend on items such as mortgage, rent, food and bills.

It's important to consider whether Default cover offers a sufficient level of protection for your personal circumstances.

With GuildSuper you can apply to increase your level of cover at any time.

Other GuildSuper insurance benefits

  • Peace of mind knowing you and your family are protected
  • Insurance costs are deducted from your super account, not your take-home pay
  • Increasing insurance cover through Insurance Boost and/or Life Events Top-Up, without having to provide full health information (eligibility conditions apply)

For more information on GuildSuper’s insurance, including full details on all the conditions that apply, read the GuildSuper Insurance Guide.

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Insurance changes from
1 July 2016

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