A new way for Australians to save superannuation

GuildSuper has launched SUPERSUPERTM, a shop-and-save super program that’s set to disrupt the super landscape. The program provides people with a new way to contribute more super every day that’s not linked to their income, but instead their expenditure — a first ever for the super industry and the people of Australia. 

SUPERSUPER allows people to earn money towards their super balance through their everyday shopping, without adding to their cost of living or changing their lifestyle. While anyone can access and benefit from the program, GuildSuper specifically designed SUPERSUPER with women in mind — who up until now have been disadvantaged by the system. Women tend to be the main shoppers in the family so providing a program that allows them to grow their super balance each time they shop is a real and practical solution.

Members who sign up for SUPERSUPER can purchase eVouchers or gift vouchers via the SUPERSUPER™ site to spend on everyday shopping at participating retailers. A cash reward –calculated on a percentage of every dollar spent – then goes directly into their super balance. The program doesn’t cost members any extra and neither will their shopping.

GuildSuper is committed to creating solutions that make super approachable, relevant and part of every day for its members. The superannuation fund is working hard to make the super landscape better for all Australians and is determined to change the future for women and their families. 

Click here for more information on SUPERSUPER and to sign up for the program.