Be in the know

Your super fund has your money, but does it have your current address?

Possibly the most important thing you can do to stay in touch with your super is to make sure your super fund has your current address and contact details. That way the fund can keep you up to date with your super balance, the contributions that have been made to your account and your investment earnings. The fund can also let you know about any changes to the super rules that may affect you and that you may be able to benefit from.

Keep protecting yourself and your loved ones

When you join a super fund in most cases you automatically receive a certain level of insurance cover for death, total permanent disablement and income protection. It’s a great benefit of being a member of a super fund and you can usually request more or less cover, depending on your circumstances and needs.

If you have children, you divorce or if your personal relationships have changed, you will probably want to review not only your level of cover, but who your beneficiaries will be in the event of your death. It’s important to keep your beneficiaries up to date, as your super fund takes your wishes into account if it needs to pay a death benefit. 

Make sure your investment strategy is the right one for your savings needs

Your super fund gives you a choice of investment options, but if you don’t choose one when you join the fund, your account will be invested in the fund’s default investment option – known as its MySuper option.

Some super funds provide a ‘lifestage’ investment option as their default MySuper option. A life stage option automatically adjusts the level of risk in your super investments to correspond with your age. The principle is that young people have many years of investing ahead of them, so they can afford to have their super in investments that have a higher level of risk, however will give them more chance over the long term of earning higher returns. So in a life stage option when you’re younger your super will be invested in a higher proportion of riskier investments such as shares.

Then as you get older the proportion of investment in shares will be reduced in stages and your account will be invested in a higher proportion of lower risk assets such as cash and fixed interest. This will help to reduce the chance that your account is affected by short-term share market fluctuations just before you retire.

Some super funds offer a ‘balanced’ investment strategy as their default MySuper option to all members – regardless of their age. A balanced investment option invests in a combination of growth investments (like shares) and defensive investments (like fixed interest and cash).

It’s great that super funds are legally required to provide a good quality default investment option, but you may want to consider your choice of investment option if you have specific goals for your super or if you’re worried that your super account may be invested in assets that have too much or not enough risk.  It’s a very good idea to seek professional financial advice before you switch your investment option.

How to take a more active role with your super

GuildSuper offers many ways for you to stay up to date with your super and for you to tailor your super account to your needs, including:

  • Online access to your account – you just need to register by calling the Fund. You can see all contributions going into your account, your investments and insurance held within the Fund and update your address and contact details.
  • A website containing a wealth of information about super and saving as well as a range of forms, publications and online tools such as super calculators.
  • Annual benefit statements, summarising your balance and the activity in your account over each year.
  • A telephone helpline for any queries you have.
  • Emails and SMSs about events and changes in super.
  • Investment choice, where you can choose your investments from a range of options that have different levels of risk and potential returns.
  • Flexible insurance cover, that enables you to choose how much death, total and permanent disablement and income protection insurance you need to cover yourself and your loved ones.

Update your contact details today

To update your details with GuildSuper login to your online account or contact the Fund on 1300 361 477. You can provide your email address and mobile number to receive quarterly emails or SMSs updating you on the contributions that GuildSuper has received for you from your employer. 


This document contains general advice only and doesn't take into account what you currently have, want and need for your personal circumstances. It is important for you to consider these matters and read the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) before you make a decision about a superannuation product. You can get a copy of the GuildSuper PDS by calling 1300 361 477 or by visiting You may also wish to consult a licensed or appropriately authorised financial planner. Guild Trustee Services Pty Limited ABN 84 068 826 728 AFS Licence No. 233815 RSE Licence No. L0000611 as Trustee of the Guild Retirement Fund ABN 22 599 554 834 (which includes GuildSuper) My Super Authorisation No. 22599554834526