5 easy steps be a real SUPER hero!

News flash! One day you’re going to be retired. There’ll be no more work - BUT you’ll still need money. So the more money you save now in your super, the better your life after work will be.

Take these five easy steps to get your super together and to keep it growing – and best of all, your future self will thank you!

With GuildSuper’s website and quick online services, you can get organised and on your way to a healthy super account in no time. 

Step #1:
Get close to your super account

For starters, do you know how much is in your account? The first rule toward building your super is knowing where you’re starting from so you can track your progress toward your savings goals.

With Member Online, you can login to your GuildSuper account any time 24/7 and see your balance, the contributions that have been made to your account, the fees and investment earnings and details of your insurance cover. You can also check your beneficiaries and update your personal details.

To register for Member Online, call us on 1300 361 477 and we’ll set you up with a PIN.

Step #2:
Know your super entitlements and check your contributions keep going in

Your employer is legally required to pay your super contributions at least every quarter. Currently the amount required by law is equivalent to 9.5% of your salary. It’s worth keeping an eye on the contributions going into your account, just to make sure your employer is contributing on time and that the amounts are right.

The superannuation of 7% of the workforce every year* is not adequately paid by employers, so it’s important to be sure that your employer is doing the right thing.

To keep on top of your contributions, register with us to receive quarterly contribution alerts. We’ll send you an email or an SMS each quarter to let you know how much your employer has paid into your account.  To register for quarterly contribution alerts call us on 1300 361 477.

You can also, check your contributions at any time.  Just log in to Member Online at: guildsuper.com.au  (To register for an online account, See Step One!)

* Superannuation Guarantee non-compliance, Tria, September 2015.

Step #3:
Combine all your super accounts and save on fees

The more super accounts you have the more fees you will be paying, which will reduce the amount you’re saving. It’s easy and quick to combine all your super accounts into your GuildSuper account*.

To combine all your super accounts fill out our easy online rollover form.

*It is important to consider any exit fees, changes to your insurance cover or loss of any benefits and where future employer contributions will be paid before closing any superannuation fund accounts you may have.

Step #4:
Ask us to round up your lost super

Many people have super accounts they didn’t even know existed! It’s not as dumb as it sounds, because if you have ever worked in places for short periods of time, those employers may well have made super contributions for you that you weren’t aware of.

In fact, one in two Australians don’t know if any of $13.5 billion in lost super, held in more than 1.289 million accounts, belongs to them. The average lost super account holds $10,480*. Superannuation is considered ‘lost’ if no money is added to an account for 12 months and the person’s fund doesn’t have their current address.

Contact us on 1300 361 477 or visit guildsuper.com.au/lostsuper to let us know if you would like us to find your lost super for you. It’s a service we offer to members at no extra cost. We’ll let you know what we find and if you like, we’ll help you roll it into your GuildSuper account.

*2016 Westpac Lost Super report

Step #5:
Provide your TFN, to avoid paying too much tax

If we don’t have your Tax File Number on file, your before-tax contributions (including the SG contributions your employer makes for you) and withdrawals will be taxed at a higher rate.  Also, we will not be able to accept after-tax contributions from you.

So to avoid paying too much tax, login to Member Online and check that we have your TFN. Or call us on 1300 361 477.

This document contains general advice only and doesn't take into account what you currently have, want and need for your personal circumstances. It is important for you to consider these matters and read the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) before you make a decision about a superannuation product. You can get a copy of the GuildSuper PDS by calling 1300 361 477 or by visiting guildsuper.com.au. You may also wish to consult a licensed or appropriately authorised financial planner. Guild Trustee Services Pty Limited ABN 84 068 826 728 AFS Licence No. 233815 RSE Licence No. L0000611 as Trustee of the Guild Retirement Fund ABN 22 599 554 834 (which includes GuildSuper) My Super Authorisation No. 22599554834526